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[Photo, 2007]

Every time I thought that it might be a good idea to make something which can be called "Personal home page", I had "more important things to do". So there is not much more than this until today.

  • fingerprint of my PGP key: 2ED1 430F 74B5 CD2A 7ED8 38E5 D8FD C87C 3E3B DBD3
  • Blog in English, updated occasionally
  • Blog in Russian, updated sometimes

History: what I have been doing in older times

HobbyApprox. hours spent in 2006
Cycling and related stuff500
Foreign languages 100
Table tennis 100
Software development (other than for work)50
Orienteering 10
Hiking ?
Reading ?
Skiing ?
Running ?
Misc ?

Other occasional activities: working, parenting, ...

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