Backpacking trip to Polar Ural!

I’m leaving to St. Petersburg today with the intention to take the train to Polar Ural in three days.

I have been there in 2001, six years ago, and longing to get there again.

Polar Ural, 2001

This region is a known touring place. Nowadays there are not so many places on the Earth where you can wonder for several weeks and meet not a single human being. Backpacking there is nothing like “hiking trip from a hotel to a restaurant” along marked route. There is no services – you just go wherever you can. No cellular network (and we don’t take a satellite phone, as it weighs over kilo). All food has to be carried – we plan to fit in 700g/day, which makes 15kg of “consumable” start weight.

More facts:

  • The region is extremely wet. Expect your feet to be wet all the time. There is positively no reason to dry down the boots, as they fill up with the water during first 15 minutes of walk-time.
  • The temperature can be anything between 0°C and 25°C. At 0, the rain with heavy wind makes for a rich experience. Snow is possible starting from beginning of August.
  • If the weather is warm, there can be really much mosquitos and gnats. Normal situation is when you must wear mosquito mesh and gloves to protect. It is impossible to eat with the mesh; so eating becomes challenging and people eat either inside the tent or walking/running around.
  • Mosquitos in the sunset

We’ll have 3 weeks of full autonomy. My heart is already in the mountains.

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