Nokia E90: first frustrations!

After publishing first-minute positive impressions about Nokia E90 communicator, first negative ones have not been waiting for long.

Naturally, when changing from one device to another, a user wants to move data from the old one. Mine “old” was Nokia 9500 communicator. Note, it is the natural predecessor model of the same manufacturer. Phones have “data transfer” menu item. But this transfers only contacts, messages and calendar entries – no documents. I have about 60 files, most hand-written once, like foreign words and travel notes. Moving them should be a trivial task?

1. Any file can be sent between the devices, for example via Bluetooth. But… you can’t send a directory. Manual sending of 60+ files does not look as an attractive option.

2. OK, fortunately there is Zip archiver in both devices. I compress the files I want to transfer to one archive, send it, decompress it. Guess what? I can’t open any of my files! They were saved in some proprietary format, which is not recognized by the new device!

Now I’m left with two options: 1) send all files one-by-one; believe or not, the texts are converted to Microsoft Word .doc format before sending :-/ 2) use Nokia own software to dig my data from the old device (this software is Windows-only).

I knew I should never store my data in a proprietary format, and I knew I’m doing a mistake saving my texts in default format 9500 communicator offered me. I naively expected that the same company will at least support its own formats. Beware!

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