Mountain bike ride in southwest Espoo

Today I got a very nice short off-road ride with Helsinki MTB club MTBCF. The starting place was almost near my home, so I had no excuse of long commute from/to home for not participating. I already rode with MTBCF two times, two or three years back. Once it was their weekly cruise “for beginners”, where I was dropping out all the time and finally broke my rear derailer with a branch; that was too hardcore MTB for me. Another time it was a “flat ride” of 300km, to Bromarv (link on Google maps) and back. That time I did not drop, although was at a limit of my stamina by the end of the distance.

This time we were just three persons, Timo and Sami (on the picture) plus me, but for a forest trail ride this makes a perfect size company.

Timo and Sami in Espoo Central Park

I rode last, the two other riders had to wait me sometimes. I hardly can come up with a better way of spending two hours in a nice weather! The only thing which I was concerned with is the damage to trails; still, cycling with knobby tires over small brooks or large puddles does not make them better. It is certainly bigger impact than from walking. On the other hand, it is certainly smaller impact than from driving a car, so I’m not arguing against off-road cycling; and I’m not doing it frequently.

On MTBCF forum, there is already a post by Timo about the ride. I’m not a hardcore MTB rider, and that’s the reason why I’m still not a member, but it seems that this is the only really active cycling club in the Helsinki area (not counting CCH and IK-32, which are too professional, with everydays trainings and regular competitions). I’m pondering joining!

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