Joint “season opening” of Helsinki bicycle clubs

4 May, the first Sunday of the month, Helsinki bicycle clubs traditionally go out for a joint ride.

This time the ride was more than just enjoyable. It was fantastic! At the starting point, Vantaankosken grillikioski, there were about 25 bright-color roadbikers. HePo and Prologi were present, and probably other clubs whose members I do not know in person. Traditionally, Pekka Sirkiä, chairman of HePo, gave a welcome speech.

Start at the Vantaankosken Grillikioski Pekka Sirkiä, chairman of HePo, gives a welcome speech

25km/h and 30km/h groups were announced. Pekka was leading the 25 team, Antero Salvanto the 30 one. I knew that 30km/h can be a bit too much for me, and joined the slower one.

Pekka Sirkiä leading 25km/h group Riding in a 25km/h group

Soon the group broke into the real 25 and a bit faster company. I went to the latter and rode in a very nice temp some 100km. A small accident happened in Järvenpää: accelerating from a street light, one person broke his chain. This is the second time I see a chain broken. Surprisingly, nobody happened to have a chain tool, so the rider had to evacuate home.

Closer to the end of the ride, we even caught a real pro race in Sipoo; for us non-profis this was a great pretext to take a break sitting at a nice roadside.

For me it’s hard to recall a more pleasant ride. Beautiful weather did it, short clothes in the beginning of May is something exceptional for Finland. I even got a sunburn. See the route:

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And here is the route for the 30km/h team on the Nokia Sports Tracker server, thanks Antero.

Welcome again!

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