“Traditional” bike rides to the west of Espoo

I have a number of favorite ride routes. Most of them are to the west from Helsinki area, as I live almost on the western border of Espoo. Recently I’ve refreshed two especially beautiful, probably “classic” treks: Hanko and Lohjanjärvi.

First was Hanko. Espoo-Hanko distance is 110 km by an arrow-straight, relatively flat, moderately loaded road. Last 35 kilometers are especially flat and especially nice; the path is cut through very clear and dry pine forest. The area was a battlefield two times in the history. About 20 km to Hanko you can turn for a cup of coffee into a military museum.


This segment is very windy, and the wind is always from Hanko. I know that it is not just my impression: alongside this road, you can see the only wind powerplants in Southern Finland.


If the first 75 km by a motorway sounds boring, one can follow the former King’s Road. It provides you much more total altitude gain and some sightseeing points: oar built in 1646 and Raasepori, a castle from 14-th century.


Hanko feels like a real see city, located on a cape. Be prepared to spend some half hour walking by the main street and along the sea bank (unless, of course, you are riding again a traditional 200km brevet Kirkkonummi-Hanko-Kirkkonummi!).

The other route is “Around Lohjanjärvi“, which makes 150 km starting from the western city outskirts. Karjalohja makes for a perfect eating stop exactly in the middle of the distance. We made it today; had more than 10m/s west wind, used all lower gears we had on the way from home. Managed to catch up at 27.5 km/h, which I consider kind of achievement for myself – despite not so high average speed, I was almost dead at home. Now I’m still half-lying legs up and stuffing my stomach with everything which could be found in the kitchen in an attempt to recover 🙂

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  1. клёво! надо Ханко посетить.

    оффтоп – а ты как-то настроил автоматически в жж выставлять начало своих статей, или ручками?

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