Helsinki-Tampere, next try

I cycled Helsinki-Tampere route to hang out with my former colleagues already many times. This became almost a tradition; I ride about 200km, and at some place meet my friends who rode maybe 20km from their homes. Each time I naturally try to choose a new route to explore small roads in between. This is how it went today:

Bigger map

The first span, EspooKarkkila, was nothing too interesting; I rode main roads to cover the distance faster. Early Sunday morning even roads like Valtatie 2 are almost empty. Then the nice part came. 2832 was a really great road: excellent pavement, very low traffic, spectacle outlooks. On road 283, in a small village Teuro, an exhibition of old machinery could be viewed at “Teuro old technique day”:

Strange old steam machines at Teuro day

Old machines at Teuro day

Old bicycles - probably beginning of 20th century

Old bicycles at Teuro exhibition

40 km along road 2846 were another pleasant experience. The headwind, which I was fighting against all the route, became stronger; but I had enough time before our meeting and did not care about riding at too low speed. In the end, the average was (disgraceful for me) 24.6 km/h; well I have an excuse of that headwind.

It made altogether 230 km door-to-door – I did not cycle back but took a train. Great ride!

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