Posting from a mobile phone

It may be fun to post to the blog from a mobile phone. Doing so via the default web interface is certainly not the most convenient way (lot of extra traffic). WordPress has blog by email solution, which is OK from traffic viewpoint, but I was scared by instructions – involving setup of a “secret email account” and a cron job. Also, it does not support insertion of images.

Scribe is a free Python WordPress publishing client for Symbian S60 phones. Worked fine so far on Nokia E90 – this post is written in Scribe. Insertion of images is still not supported though; seems that the only client capable of it is a commercial Wavelog.

2 thoughts on “Posting from a mobile phone

  1. Thanks for the mini review 🙂 Image posting is coming, I’m working on sorting out the stability issues in the underlying Python for S60 runtime at the moment, and then I’ll be adding some more features. Keep an eye on the Jaiku #scribe channel for updates!

    • Jay – thank you for this software!

      My 2 cents about what can be a candidate into the next release of Scribe:

      – WordPress password is shown when typed
      – Scribe does not have own icon (no, I can’t use it without one! 🙂 )
      – When asking for “Default access point”, there is no option “Always ask”.

      I understand I should have commented on Jaiku; but did not yet persuade myself into getting through their invitation system and then recording one more username/password…

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