Saturday ride: 100km with (former?) profi riders

We have fantastically good cycling weather now in southern Finland. And I’m happy to report the fact that I’m using this chance at full speed! Specifically, last Saturday I participated in a group ride in Hamina region.

The team looked terrific. Right, at least the core was composed of pro (or former pro) riders. Of course I could not keep up with 40 km/h speed… but nobody said I had to. I made the first lap at 34.4 km/h, hanging in the tail of the second group.

At the second one, I fell out of the small “peleton” I tried to stick to. Fortunately, pair of other riders did so as well, and I arrived to the second stop without too much delay. But at the third one I was almost dead, and lost even that group. Had to ride alone for some 15 km, during which my motivation went down and I just “cruised” at relaxing speed. Fortunately, somebody from the tail caught up with me, and we finished in two. My average was 31.9 over all the course of 100 km. Below is the map with laps marked:

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I’m definitely not a competitive rider; in fact I have not ever participated in a road race. This was not a race neither, but it worked very well as a competition against self. It is probably thanks to other riders that I consumed almost 3 liters of water during less than 4 hours. Sportive!

Not a keystone point, but definitely something to note: there was no participation fee. Thanks to the club which organized the ride and provided a service car (visible on the photo), which gave us water refill during stops. Sorry I do not even know what club it was.

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