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Nokia gives an option to update the phone’s software, at least, for the more expensive models. I do not know, and would like to know, how other mobile phone vendors score in this area. Below is my rant about Nokia way of doing it. The writing is in negative tone, because things are noticed only when they do not work as expected. I’m interested if there is a vendor who does it better (some do not allow the user to update firmware at all – you must go to the service center for that!)

  1. Software updater is available for Windows only.
  2. Installation of the updater requires admin rights.
  3. Updater requires Internet connection. You can not flash just any image you want – only the version which Nokia sends you while your phone is plugged in.
  4. Updater checks for own updates. If a newer version of self is found, the outdated version refuses to work. Upgrade requires reboot.
  5. Software update requires SIM in the phone – why the heck.
  6. Updater is “graphical”, that is, you can’t copy any text which it shows. Such as version of the image or error messages (fortunately I’ve got none).
  7. Backup+restore cycle did not restore any of the additional software which I had previously installed (more than 10 pieces BTW)

I appreciate comments from owners of mobile phones from other vendors: have Motorola, LG, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Apple, whoever else – done it better?

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  1. 8. No changelogs or what’s new or any kind of release notes.
    9. No notifications (e.g. via email) of new updates.
    10. The people making new firmwares do not have a website or a blog. Nobody knows who they are, and how and when and why they decide to release new firmwares.

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