Winter cycling season with IK-32 turns to spring

Here is a map of my 8 March ride with IK-32 club.

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It made 165 km from door to door, of which 100 were ridden with the group (i.e. at quite sportive pace). Total ride time = 8:11. At the start, marked with a house icon, we had 6 participants. Later this number lowered down to 5, and then to 3. I dropped out at a point with the marker, leaving only 2 – and both were elite-class riders. As it always happens when leaving the group, I felt almost unable to move forward at all. Fortunately, there was an option to adjust my way home to pass through the closest gas station with food.

We had beautiful early-spring weather, with shining snow and temperature around zero. My water bottle has has frozen only at the end of the day.

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