Summer has arrived: family tandem ride

We’ve done a great sunny full-day ride on our tandem with a kidback plus two other bikes. The target was Vanhankaupungin koski (stream and a waterfall), one of the city attractions we had not visited before.

This made 56 km and 10 hours door-to-door. I think it was the first day of the year when it was possible to cycle in shorts – not morning and evening though.
Map of the ride:

View in a larger map
The waterfall was the main attraction point for children, but not the only one. On the way forward we visited Villa Elfvik, the “nature house” with a very touchy, informal exposition, and on the way back cycled through the very center of Helsinki. Kids were reasonably tired, but not at all dead at the end; a well-known principle is that they usually exhaust morally much earlier than physically, and if there is enough suitable entertainment on the way, they can keep quite long.

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