Welcome to Vantaankoski evening rides

Living in Helsinki region, looking for a company for evening sporty road rides? Come to Vantaankoski (the home mark on the map below) on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 18:00.

What to expect there? A sporty ride for 2-3 hours; this time we rode 87km in 2:40h, which makes 32.8km/h average.

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Almost 33km/h average speed may sound too sporty for many. But it’s a group ride, and the power for 33km/h in draught is comparable to maybe 27.5-28km/h average alone. Also, the group motivates! I’m unlikely to pedal the same distance even at 27.5km/h average because of my lack of motivation – I need a reason to push myself. When there are 15 persons hanging around, I need a reason to drop out. Sometimes there is one (too fast! 🙂 ), but now I holded until the end. Of course there is absolutely no problem if anyone wants to stop or continue own way – just inform somebody in the head so that others do not think that you have some technical problem and do not stop to wait.

It was sunny, dry, and a bit over +20°C. We do not have that good cycling weather too often in Finland, so it must be used effectively!

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    • Thanks for the hint. I desperately need a rationalization for bying a folder 🙂 It looks like in the UK there is some second-hand market for Bromptons (although I had no experience of bying a used bike without seeing it first). GreenBike also offered a Brompton for rent (2 days/50€) – I may try that sometime.

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