Heavy-duty self-made mudflap

DIY heavy-duty bicycle mudflap
Bicycle mudguards are frequently made shorter than they should have been. I was not able to find a front mudguard which would protect front chainrings from water jets pouring from the front wheel. So I made my own from a 2mm thick rubber sheet. It is heavy and non-aerodynamic. It is heavy-duty! It makes difference when riding in the rain. It is tested. Highly recommended for bike commuters.

3 thoughts on “Heavy-duty self-made mudflap

  1. very nice, thanks for posting the photo! I will try to make some like yours – I agree that mudflaps are never big enough and yours are the best looking self-made i have seen.

  2. hi,
    very well done. I’d like to know how you have made yours exactly: What did you use to (a screw?) to tie them around the metal bar of the mud guard?
    Thanks for responding,

    • Hi Matthias, and thanks for your interest,

      I used stainless M5 screws with large washers.

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