HP photosmart c8180: perfect Linux support

hp-photosmart-c8180Short summary of this post: HP Photosmart C8180 all-in-one printer works perfectly with Linux right out of the box.

After our older printer has died, I had to select a new one. There is too many printers in the market, but the choice decision for me is easier: I just look for Linux support at the vendor site, plus availability in the local store. Note: nowadays, most printers work with Linux thanks to the volunteer effort; but I want to pay my money to the company, which claims the support officially. This pretty much narrows the selection to HP and Epson (and I can’t think of a situation when the offer from these two vendors is not enough). Quotes from their web sites:

  • “Epson tests and certifies most common Linux and Unix platforms with our printers” (quote from here)
  • “The HP Linux Imaging and Printing project provides printing support for 1,949 printer models” (quote from here)

Finally, my choice has fallen on HP c8180. At this moment, openprinting.org, the source for Linux printer support information, does not list this model (it’s quite new). But having configured it as “HP C8100 series” in Ubuntu 9.10, both printing and scanning work just fine right out of the box without any additional installations or configurations.

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