Pictures “worth” a thousand words :)

Sure, sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words. Sure, not always (try for example to express this phrase with a picture). I enjoy nice visualizations… but this time I could not resist to laugh at a failed attempt to draw a picture which would be worth several words, or even just one word 🙂 Right, how would you picture “carbohydrate”?

The scan of a chocolate bar wrap shows its nutritional information. OK, I can guess that picture “kcal” in a circle stays for calories. Now, make your wild guesses, what’s the meaning of other circles. Practice your imagination and figure out what the designer tried to depict with so visual guides like . “Right answers” below the cut.

One thought on “Pictures “worth” a thousand words :)

  1. This one’s easy.
    I know what kJ are (never understood kcal)
    Besides that it has:

    7.0 grams of color television.
    52 gram of diesel.
    26.5 gram of tea spoons (tablespoons?) with some powdery stuff.
    35 gram of measuring tape.
    15 gram of statistics.
    2.5 gram of vines
    0.17 gram of beach balls.

    This just brought back a memory of “Springfield Soul Stew”.

    Greetings, Paul.

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