Bicycle in Finnish Pendolino train

In Finland, most trains allow transportation of bicycles, but the fastest “Pendolino” trains do not.

Recently I traveled with my MTB, and Pendolino was the only feasible option (it was the first morning train, the next one arrived already too late). The only way was to partially disassemble and pack the bike so that it becomes normal luggage.

Packed bike in the room

I did the following:

  • Removed wheels and bound them firmly to the rear triangle
  • Unscrewed the rear derailler and fixed it inside the rear triangle together with the sloppy chain
  • Removed the handlebar from the stem and fixed it to the frame
  • Turned the fork backwards and fixed it to everything else
  • Removed the saddle with the post and bound it to the inside
  • Put the rack on top of the frame

Resulting package could stand firmly on the fork blades and the wheels on the rear. It was also easy to carry it holding by the frame. The final wrapping was done with the tent, as I did not want to carry anything extra.

Disassembled bike in Pendolino train

The train was pretty full, but fortunately there was free space at the place for wheelchairs. I’m not sure whether my package would have fit to the top rack shelf.

Assembling back at the arrival station

Assembly took about half an hour. I forgot to calculate how much did I spend for the disassembly. Fortunately I did not need to do it on the way back, there was a regular InterCity train.

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