Finnish – English group cycling phrasebook

This is a small collection of Finnish words used to communicate in group bicycle rides.

The writing system of Finnish language is fully phonetic; do not try to read the words “the English way”. Stress is always on the first syllable of the word. “J” is always read as the first sound in “Yes” (never as English “J” like in “John”). “Y” is always read as French “y” or German “ü“.


oikea, oikealle right, to the right
vasen, vasemmalle left, to the left
suoraan straight
takaisin back
seis stop
jyrkkä sharp (as e.g. “jyrkkä oikea”)
loiva gentle
käännös turn, often used for U-turn

Obstacles on the road

hiekka sand
lasia glass
kuoppa, kuoppia pothole(s)
puomi bar
tolppia pillars (blocking the car access)
töyssy speed bump
railo rift (typically in the riding direction)
auto takaa, takana car behind
vapaa free (from obstacles; e.g. when crossing a busy road)

Riding information, requests/orders, problems

perä jäi the tail has dropped
rauhassa quiet (e.g. to request riding slower, especially uphill)
kaikki mukana everyone is here
tekninen technical (problem)

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