My Work Values

I suddenly realized that there are certain values at work which are critical to me:

Being technology-driven.

I want to work for a company whose product is competitive because it is technologically superior; not for a one which wins primarily by marketing, in the courts, or with patents.

Transparency in decisions.

I’m more productive when I understand why we are doing things this way, not the other. “Transparency” does not necessarily mean “democracy”; the reason “because I’m the CTO, I’m responsible for this, and I decide it this way” is perfect.

Keep work and non-work life apart.

For me, being able to fully switch between these two worlds helps succeeding in both of them. Intervening the two hinders both.

Pay back to the open source movement.

Any technology company uses a lot of open source software. Some prominent examples have turned from spreading FUD about open source to embracing the movement. “When you extend a component – contribute back”, going against this principle is IMO not compatible with being innovative.

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