Example of bullshit

Last years, I was not much exposed to bullshit at work. In fact, almost not at all. Now I received an email with a brilliant example of the subject. A person has an email signature, which ends like this:

[MyCompany] is one of the global leading suppliers of Information Logistics
Solutions and Product Information. Our customers are global leaders, at
the cutting edge of the telecom, software, automotive and industry sectors.
High expectations and demands from our customers drive [MyCompany] to
strive for operational excellence.

[MyCompany] currently employs some 500 highly talented and dedicated
staff globally, with offices in Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,
Ukraine, and China. 

They should use some of the on-line bullshit generators to add, for example, “incubate innovative e-markets” or “syndicate customer-centric initiatives”. I think I’ll eventually point the author of the email to this post 🙂

Locking mobile phones in the USA

The practice of locking mobile phones to a single mobile provider has become quite annoying in the United States. While the rest of the world can freely change providers by simply swapping out a SIM card, US customers are usually stuck with multi-year contracts and locked phones. Apple is continuing this tradition by locking all iPhones sold in the US to the Cingular network.

Source: 10 Ways The Nokia N800 Is Better Than Apple’s iPhone