Pictures “worth” a thousand words :)

Sure, sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words. Sure, not always (try for example to express this phrase with a picture). I enjoy nice visualizations… but this time I could not resist to laugh at a failed attempt to draw a picture which would be worth several words, or even just one word 🙂 Right, how would you picture “carbohydrate”?

The scan of a chocolate bar wrap shows its nutritional information. OK, I can guess that picture “kcal” in a circle stays for calories. Now, make your wild guesses, what’s the meaning of other circles. Practice your imagination and figure out what the designer tried to depict with so visual guides like . “Right answers” below the cut.

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Difficult elementary school math problems

Many math problems are fascinating. Often they are also difficult, so that only those who have high enough education can understand their beauty. But sometimes a really simple problem – such that anyone with just the elementary school knowledge can solve it – can be quite cute as well. Most elementary school math questions are truly boring, but it’s possible to add some spice to this mass.

1 (I knew this earlier) “Dried cucumbers”:
Cucumber contains 99% of water. A box of cucumbers weighs 100kg. During winter storage, cucumbers dried out so that they now contain only 98% of water. How much does the box weigh now?

2 (I got this today, which inspired me for this post) “Probability for doctors”:
Assume a test for a rare disease (which affects 1 person in a million) is 99.99% accurate. A patient tests positive. What are the probabilities he actually has the disease?