Wheelbuilding chart: what is this

When building or truing a bicycle wheel, one should monitor two aspects:

It may be nontrivial to satisfy both conditions: when you tighten all spokes equally, the wheel is not true! So you need to balance between the two imperfections.

Folklore calls this "art". With this tool, you likely find that the term "accuracy" is more relevant.

What does this tool do

When you input tension values, they are shown on a radar chart. This gives you an overal picture, how much tension inequality you have and what are the biggest "painpoints" (most overtightened or slack spokes). You'll know better whether you should tighten or weaken something on your next spoke wrench attempt.

What this tool does NOT do

There is no magic. This is only visualization of the data you already have.

Usage hints

The author was able to build in practice perfect wheels: maximum tension as allowed by the rim manufacturer, deviations under 5%, no visible rim deflections.


The code is hosted on github and is waiting for new issues and pull requests.

Wheelchart uses radar-chart-d3 for drawing the chart.